Behn & Bates Valve Bag Filling Machines

Valve bag filling machines for the food, pet food and animal feed industry

A lot of food, animal feed and pet food producers prefer the valve bag. It represents easy handling, high outputs, good weighing accuracies and compact bag shapes with high advertising impact.

Valve bag filling machines – The Clean Filling Process

Valve Bag Filling

Advantages of valve bag packaging 

  • Full bag utilization – no head space or “ears” on the bag
  • No over-hang – reduces bags that hang off the pallet, minimizing risk of rubbing edges or forklift damage
  • Optimal palletizing – delivers tightly packaged bags that fit snug on the pallet
  • Easy loading and storage – easier to load and unload with dollies, the product stacks nicely onto pallet racks
  • Minimized Waste – reduces bag leakage
  • Upright position – the bag stands up right for ease of use and attractive display
  • Ultrasonic Sealing – High frequency vibrations ensure a short sealing time with consistent, secure seal


Applications for valve bag filling machines 

  • Powders
  • flours
  • semolina
  • rice
  • cereals
  • seeds

Optimum filling results are achieved with the selection of the correct filling system according to the characteristics of your product and your bags.


Types of valve bag filling machines 

Pneumatic packer

An all-rounder for powders, flours & semolina

  • Weighing range 10 – 52 kg adjustable in 50 g steps
  • Output Up to 220 bags/h at 25 kg with automatic bag discharge
  • Applications: Potato starch, Sugar, Dextrose and maltodextrin, Flours, baking mixes and bruised grains, soy powder, proteins, etc.

Download the data sheet for the Pneumatic Packer.

Pneumatic Packer - valve bag filling machine

Impeller packer

for the low-air filling of fine and light powders

  • Weighing range: 10 – 52 kg adjustable in 50g steps
  • Output upto 220 bags/h at 25kg
  • Application examples: Cocoa powder, wheat flour, maize starch, etc.

Download the data sheet for the Impeller packer.

Impeller packer

Auger packer

Perfect for products with difficult flowability

  • Weighing range 10 – 52 kg adjustable in 50 g steps
  • Output Up to 100 bags/h at 25 kg
  • Application examples: spices, fruit powder, food additives, etc.

Download the data sheet for the Auger Packer.

Gravity Packer

For grains and granules 

  • For use in conjunction with automatic bag applicators or for higher outputs
  • Different dosing systems for different product grain size

Download the comprehensive Behn & Bates valve bag filling brochure for more information or get in touch with us.

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