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Pharmaceutical Tablet Presses

Fette Compacting is the market leader for tablet presses for all industrial sectors and specialises in high-performance machines for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The company is a technology leader and system provider, which develops and produces all devices and tools ranging from punches to computer controlled tablet presses and isolators. A wide selection of specially-inspected peripheral devices completes the product portfolio.

The quality requirements for pharmaceutical tablet production are constantly increasing. Tablet machines manufacturer Fette Compacting ensures that your production fully complies with the applicable regulations. Extensive automation of all process steps reduces manual intervention and guarantees excellent tablet quality. Your advantages: maximum reliability, the highest quality and efficiency in tablet production.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, Fette offers a wide variety of presses including different options for –

  • Machine speed in terms of tablets pressed per hour
  • Segment technology for quick changeovers, versus Die technology for longer runs with single products
  • Exchangeable turrets
  • Single-layer versus bi-layer capability
  • Different punch size options
  • Different price options

A prominent and popular example of a tablet press with bi-layer capability is the 3090i.


Tablet Press 3090i

The 3090i tablet press is the ideal solution for producing medium to large batches with mono- or bi-layer tablets. The system is designed to meet the demands of flexible, high-performance production. With the FS12 turret/punch package, you can compress more than 1.5 million tablets per hour. At the same time, switching between products with different formats and shapes is easy. Integral components of the 3090i double rotary tablet press include an automatic turret clamping system and maintenance-free servomotors for adjusting the compression rollers. With the option for the innovative single-sided discharge, only one set of ancillary equipment is needed for single layer production.


  • High-performance rotary tablet press, effective in practice
  • Productive, precise, reliable in operation, robust
  • Exchangeable die turret
  • Exchangeable segment turret
  • large number of stations on the turret
  • Operator terminal with 15″ touch screen
  • Wide range of accessories and process equipment
  • Maximum security and monitoring
  • Automatic process monitoring
  • High-quality Fette Compacting standard components

  • Excellent cost / benefit ratio
  • Best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) figures
  • Format change over is very fast
  • High yield, simplified cleaning
  • Maximum profitability with large batches
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Remarkable flexibility and range of applications
  • 24-hour unmanned operation
  • Future-proof basic equipment and software
  • Conforms to GMP, GAMP and FDA

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