Industrial Blade sharpening

Sharpening services for industrial knives and guillotine blades

Industrial Blade sharpening

Reitech SA offers blade sharpening services for industrial knives, blades and other industrial cutting tools. Blades are sharpened in line with precise geometrics and tolerances pertaining to each unique application. We offer blade sharpening service at competitive rates and excellent turnaround times.

Industrial Blade Manufacture

We manufacture customized industrial blades and knives, using high quality materials. Some of our products include:

  • Toothed knives
  • Food processing knives
  • Piercing knives
  • Punches & dies
  • Perforating knives
  • Circular knives
  • Slitting knives
  • Metal slitting blades
  • Spooling blades
  • Crush cutters

Industrial Blade coating

We offer a wide range of industrial blade coating solutions for your unique application. Benefits of blade coating include; improved edge lifespan, reduced cleaning downtime, improved strength and low coefficient friction.

Industrial Blade Assessments & Training

Other services include improvement assessments with recommendations relating to blade wear, design improvements, usage and circulation. We also offer operator training for basic workshop sharpening, blade cleaning and blade setup in accordance with your factory/production requirements.

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Slitting blade
Slitting blade
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Toothed knife