IMA Corazza filling and wrapping machines

Filling and wrapping machines for the packaging of creamy and pasty food products

Corazza is a world leading manufacturer of packaging machines for products of a paste consistency such as hard and soft soup cubes, processed and fresh cheese, butter, margarine and yeast. From dosing and filling over wrapping to the final boxing, Corazza offers solutions for all your creamy and pasty food products. Your stock cubes, processed or fresh cheese portions can be packaged in a triangular or square format and your butter can be dosed and wrapped in a hotel-style butter portion.

Soup Cubes Packaging Machines

With the FD Series accurate stock and bouillon cubes processing is possible at any speed. Corazza can offer high, medium and low speed dosing and wrapping lines for paste soup cubes. The bouillon paste or stock paste is filled into the pre-formed foil segments along the lane in line filling conveyor. The foil is folded over and the wrapping is pressed closed. The cubes are then send to the electronic checkweigher with automatic feedback control and then onto the infeed belt of the cartooning machine. The soup cubes are gathered into the desired configuration and carried to the elevators where magazine fed carton are placed over the bundles for box formation. For greater speed and for customers aiming for maximum productivity together with quality and precision, the FD12 soup cube packaging machine is the high-speed answer, reaching 1200 ppm.

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Paste Soup Cubes Pressing Machines

The PDP Series pressing machines are specially designed to press low-fat, medium-humidity products, such as stock/soup cubes and bouillon cubes. Complete with an automatic feeding system with sensors to ensure continuous production, machine components are built to last.

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Dosing and wrapping machines for processed cheese

Packaging machines for processed cheese

The FF220 Series of double-head dosing and wrapping machines are designed to handle portions of fresh, cream and processed cheese. Thanks to extremely smooth operating movements, equipment requires negligible maintenance throughout its long lifecycle. Available in a variety of versions, the FF220 dosing and wrapping machine handles rectangular, square and triangular cheese portions. Streamlined kinetic and mechanical movements are implemented to achieve an impressive production capacity of up to 250 ppm.

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