IMA Benhil filling and wrapping machines

Wrapping machines for pasty food products

Filling and wrapping machines for the pasty food industry

Irrespective of whether products are from the dairy industry; or for the margarine, soup paste or other food processing industries, they have to be filled into cups or wrapped into mini portions or packets. Wrapping machines as well as cup filling and closing machines by IMA Benhil have been packaging liquid to pasty products (including those with particulate content) economically and reliably for 100 years.

The latest addition to the Multipack high-performance range of automatic filling and wrapping machines is the Multipack 2000. Cutting-edge technologies, flexibility and a space-saving design are the key features of the new model, conceived as an affordable alternative to larger, faster equipment in the range.

Wrapping machines for portion sizes from 50 to 500 g

With an output of up to 100 packets/min, the Multipack 2000 handles a wide variety of portion sizes from 50 to 500 g. The machine fulfils the market’s standard hygienic requirements and product safety is also ensured thanks to CIP procedures. Filling accuracy is typical of all IMA Benhil solutions and servo-driven technology ensures smooth, efficient product handling. Reliable, top quality processing and value for money make the Multipack 2000 an appealing new entry to the range.

Click here for more details: IMA Benhil Multipack 200 Technical Data PDF


  • Wrapping machines for pasty foodstuffs
  • Filling and sealing machines for pre-formed cups
Wrapping machines for portion sizes from 50 to 500 g
Automatic filling and wrapping machines for pasty foodstuffs
IMA Benhil filling and wrapping machine for pasty foodstuffs