Uhlmann Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines

Packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters and bottles

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG is a full-range pharmaceutical packaging supplier and specialist for the packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters and bottles. Comprehensive blister packaging machines are Uhlmann’s response to the need for flexible packaging with maximum output. Blister machines are suitable for blister packaging of tablets and also meet the requirements of packing injectables like ampoules and vials.

Blister packaging machines – meet the blister line BEC 300

The Blister Express Center 300 is a single-lane packaging line for small and medium-sized batched of solid dose products with integrated blister and cartoner module. The principle of the concept is the processing of a wide spectrum of solid dose products, packaging materials, and pack designs.

Uhlmann blister packaging machine BEC 300

Highlights of the blister packaging machine line BEC 300

  • Great diversity in the processing of all common types of forming material, product shapes, carton sizes, and types of carton closure
  • Smooth surfaces for fast line clearance
  • Latest control and drive generation
  • Tool-free format changeover in 30 minutes as few, lightweight format parts
  • Intuitive SmartControl operating system
  • Smart Xchange with USB flash drive enables the fully automated input of new format parts and the transfer of process parameters to other lines

Technical data of the blister packaging machine line BEC 300

  • Characteristics: Single-lane packaging line perfectly integrating a blister and a cartoner module in 8.4 meters; for small- and medium-sized batches of 10,000 to 70,000 packs
  • Max. output: 300 blisters/min., 150 or 300 cartons/min.
  • Sealing principle: rotary sealing
  • Max. format area [index x width]: 200 x 145 mm
  • Forming depth: 12 mm
  • Max. carton size [A x B x H]: 115 x 100 x 150 mm (150 cartons/min.), 105 x 105 x 155 mm (300 cartons/min.)

Download the full technical date sheet here.

Blister machine B 1240

The Uhlmann Blister machine B 1240 is an established machine concept that meets the technological standards of larger blister machines. This Blister packaging machine is suitable for the flexible, GMP-compliant packaging of solid and liquid dose products at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Uhlmann blister machine B 1240

Technical data of the blister machine B 1240

  • Characteristics: Flexible, for all forms of solid dose products as well as for the packaging of syringes or ampoules
  • Max. output: 250 blisters/min.
  • Sealing principle: platen sealing
  • Max. format area [index x width]: 130 x 156.5 mm
  • Forming depth: 24 mm

Download the full technical data sheet here.

Highlights of the blister machine B 1240

  • Servo-regulated main drive, web index, and transfer for high-precision operation
  • Maximum production reliability and top blister quality on account of self-adjusting drives
  • Storage of all format-related data for quick changeover times
  • Small, light-weight tools guarantee quick and easy format changeovers
  • Easy to operate

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