Wolf Vertical Pouch Filling Machines

Vertical Pouch packaging machines for the food and non-food industries
Whether you aim for the efficient packaging of powder, granules, bulky, pasty or liquid products, such as frozen foods – Wolf packaging machines are able to form, fill and seal a broad range of attractive bag shapes.

Pouch types and options

WOLF packaging machines pack numerous products into a broad range of bag shapes

Their specialists are highly familiarized with the particularities of the food and non-food industries. They possess an extensive experience from more than 2000 projects which cover a wide range of products. And will therefore be able to find the perfect, low-cost solution for your application.


Powder products 

Food processing sector

Spice powder, milk powder baby food, flours, baking mixes, pudding – and ice cream mix, cocoa powder, coffee, fruit sugar, powdered sugar

Non-food sector

Dental powder, washing powder, detergent, construction chemicals, plaster and grout, dye powder, additives

Pourable products and granulates

Food processing sector

Dried fruits, nuts,  pasta, coffee beans, rice, cereals, oatmeal, cereal mixtures, cornflakes, pulses, dumpling mixes, grated cheese, mashed potatoes flakes, vegetables and salad, spices, granulated beverages, sugar, salt, tea and tea blends, candies, wrapped candies, sweets, sugar-coated tablets, lozenges, lollipops

Non-food sector

Animal food, bird food, animal feed mixes, synthetic granules, granular fertilizer, small hardware items, puzzle pieces and other small toys, jewelry – and jewelry goods

Solid shaped products

Food processing sector

Pastry, bread, whole meal bread, crisp-bread, toast, cake, biscuits, cookies, crackers, ready-made meals, convenience products, fruit, vegetables

Non-food sector

Wood pellets, animal feed, medical devices, detergents and detergent tabs, cleaning sponges and cloths

Liquid and pasty products

Food processing sector

Delicatessen, sauces, ketchup, mustard, compote, marinated vegetables and Mixed Pickles, sauerkraut, red cabbage, drinks

Non-food sector

Washing and cleaning agents, medical and pharmaceutical liquids, oils, industrial fluids, and emulsions

Frozen products

Frozen pizza, frozen vegetables, frozen ready-made meals, frozen meat, frozen fish

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