Pasty foodstuff and dairy

REITECH SA offers various solutions for the dairy industry as well as manufacturers of margarine and other pasty products, such as soup cubes.


IMA is the worldwide leading manufacturer of wrapping machinery for pasty products; and REITECH SA is their agent in Southern Africa.

Product range: 50g to 2500g


Edible fats
Fresh cheese
Other pasty products


Variable output of 100 – 300 packets/min. with highest filling precision.

Servo-driven wrapping material advance system including the ability to integrate all current date coders.

Reduced cleaning intervals due to CIP cleanable dosing and CIP cleanable product feed.

Modular construction, enabling conversion and retrofitting of individual modules at a reasonable cost.

Silent machine operation thanks to computer optimized cam drives.

Choice of product feeding options: either as direct feed from the process plant, or by separately driven feed worms (as an option), or by product hopper.

Well-shaped packets with distinctive, sharp edges due to filling level control at the dosing station and step-less adjustment of pressure at the calibrating station.

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Fill-Seal (FS)

REITECH SA can offer a wide range of filling machines to fill dairy, margarine and other pasty products into a pre-formed cup.

We offer rotary or in-line fillers for a product range from 50g to 2000g, with a small output or up to 57,600 cups/hour as a clean, ultra clean or aseptic version.


• butter, margarine
• edible fats
• cream, sour cream, yoghurt
• ice cream
• single and multi-layer desserts
• processed cheese

• fresh cheese: crumbled/shredded/cottagecheese
• delicatessen salads
• chicken/pasta/tuna salads
• coleslaw/macaroni & cheese
• applesauce
• jams/jellies

• cake frostings
• other pasty products
• coffee
• fruit juice
• condiments
• gels/greases
• household care products

Form-Fill-Seal (FFS)

REITECH SA has a strong partner in IMA for FFS technology. The FFS technology forms cups from the raw material sheet and then fills and seals the cup.

After these processes, cutting in single cups, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 12 packs is possible depending on the machine. The product range is from a few grams (mini-portion) up to 175g or more, depending on the container form. The output is from 7,000 cups/hour up to 80,000 cups/hour.

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• all types of yoghurt
• cream spreads
• jellies, jams
• juices, water
• butter, margarine
• sauces
• fruit salads
• desserts
• mousse
• baby food





• butter, margarine
• jellies, jams
• honey, syrup
• Spreads
• nougat cream
• coffee cream
• cream cheese
• processed cheese
• ketchup, mayonnaise