groninger Pharma - Aseptic Filling Machines for Liquid Pharmaceuticals

Filling and closing of vials, eye drops and nasal spray

Aseptic filling machines for liquid pharmaceuticals

groninger Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers of aseptic filling machines. A format changeover is possible without the use of any tools and thus creates only minimal set-up work, this shortens the downtime and enables maximum flexibility in aseptic filling. All groninger pharma’s filling solutions are designed for isolators, open and closed RABS containment systems.

Vial filling machine: washing, sterilizing, filling and closing

Groninger’s vial filling machines are suitable for small and large batch filling, for product development and for clinical studies in compliance with the cGMP requirements. Whether you operate commercial production or supply vaccination campaigns, these lines make it possible to cover all output ranges from 50 to 600 units per minute (3,000 to 36,000 per hour) with maximum flexibility.

Depending on requirements, steps such as sterilization, freeze-drying and external cleaning can be integrated. This means that aseptic or toxic processing on groninger lines up to a level of OEB5 or BSL2 is also possible.

vial filling machines
aseptic filling line for pharmaceuticals

Steps of our vial filling and stoppering machines

  • Washing
  • Sterilizing
  • Filling
  • Closing
  • Freeze drying integration (by well-known vendor)
  • Sealing
  • External cleaning
  • Coding
  • Tray loading

Nasal spray and eye drop filling machines 

groninger nasal spray and eye drop filling machines guarantee efficient and cost-effective processing for both pharmacy-only products and the over-the-counter (OTC) sector. With a performance range of 50 to 400 units per minute (3,000 – 24,000 units per hour) to accommodate small or big batches for product development, clinical studies, or commercial production.

Rotary filling and closing machine for processing eye drops
semi-automatic tabletop system

Semi-automatic benchtop filling machines for small quantities of liquid medicines

The groninger semi-automatic tabletop system – the labworks series – allows you to cover the entire filling and closing process. The labworx series uses the same technology, the same processing methods and components as the high-speed groninger cartridge, vial and syringe filling machines. In this way, important insights and data gained during the development process can be quickly and easily scaled up to larger filling volumes and lines.

Due to the hygienic design, laminar airflow and compact design, the devices can be safely integrated into a range of containment systems. The modules are set up with a standard batch report, compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, and thus comply with the standard regulations for the production of small quantities.

Processing pharmaceutical primary packages in nest and bulk

Pre-sterilized packaging is cleaned, assembled, placed in specially developed tub/nest configurations and sterilized. In these, they are protected from external influences through a liner and a lid in a single or double bag and can be transported sterile from production to the clean rooms without any problems.

By using RTU packaging with nest transport, today’s combination lines can do without complex format parts. This allows lines to be built and used with maximum flexibility and the shortest changeover times.

pharmaceutical primary packages in nest and bulk
groninger nest line

groninger lines can process RTU syringes, vials and cartridges as standard. groninger lines can already process RTU syringes, vials and cartridges as standard. The areas of application range from the processing of very small quantities for clinical studies or other small-batch filling to the filling vaccines on high-performance lines. groninger lines process between 5 and 1,000 packaging units per minute, depending on the configuration and requirements.



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