Our HistoryReitech

Hauni South Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, which later became REITECH SA, was established by Dr. Kurt A. Koerber in 1963 as the second overseas subsidiary of Hauni Werke, a leading German equipment manufacturer.

The company was established to offer its services to the Southern African Tobacco Industry and to assist in the trouble free operation of Hauni machinery by supplying parts and components strictly manufactured to ReitechHauni Werke’s standards and specifications.

Dr. Koerber appointed a young engineer, Franz Conrad Reiss, to take charge of the new operation. For the following 32 years the company was actively involved in a number of major expansion and production modification projects for its customers; in the process also further improving and expanding its own manufacturing facilities.

By mutual agreement with Hauni Werke, Franz Reiss took over the ownership of Hauni South Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd in 1995 and renamed the company REITECH SA (Pty) Ltd (Reiss Technology).

In 1996, a cooperation with the well-known South African Picardi Group led to the integration of REITECH SA into the Picardi Group.
Franz Reiss continued to serve REITECH SA as Chairman of the Board of Directors until he passed away on 16 January 2012.


At REITECH SA we view services and support as activities that help you maximise what you get out of your machinery. It is easy to buy equipment, let the installer supply and run it, and get good results. It is a different challenge altogether to get such good performance out of your equipment day in and night out, during weekends, periods of severe production pressure, changes in packaging material, product ambient conditions and fluctuations in power supply and services.

We believe that it is through our services that you will really get maximum value out of the relationship with REITECH SA.

Services at REITECH SA are considered so important that we made these a separate responsibility with a dedicated technical manager.

Facts and Figures

REITECH SA has maintained the highest South African and German engineering quality standards for more than 55 years.

REITECH SA runs its processes and production according to ISO 9001:2008

REITECH SA has exclusive partnerships with leading European engineering companies.

REITECH SA has built and delivered over 1300 machines throughout Africa as well as deliveries as far reaching as Europe, Asia and North America.

50th Anniversary

On 5th August 2013, REITECH SA celebrated its 50th anniversary. This proud moment in our history was honoured throughout the year through community building events, supporting various charities and other celebratory commemorations.

In the corporate world, age symbolizes consistency and longevity; REITECH SA has evolved over 50 years and it is our intention to be a market competitor for many years to come. Our anniversary program was as much about heralding past accomplishments as it is looking forward. We celebrated this special year by holding various functions throughout the year.

In October 2013, several staff members of REITECH SA hiked up to Muizenberg Peak for a bird’s eye view of our office. 

As part of our 50th Anniversary charity drive, in November 2013 REITECH SA participated in the Prestige Academy’s Children’s Fun Day.

A fun filled Family Day for REITECH SA staff was held in February 2014, giving family members an opportunity to mingle and enjoy lunch in a relaxed social gathering.

Making the most of our natural environment, a group of REITECH SA staff members set off on our 2km Beach Walk along the shoreline path from Muizenberg to St. James on 5 April 2014