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Groninger Filling and Closing machines

Groninger- market leader filling and closing machinery for cosmetics

Groninger is a well known market leader providing filling and closing machinery to the cosmetic industry. Innovation and service are the focus points of this German company.

Over the last few years Groninger has perfected the entire processing spectrum for cosmetic products. Their machines consist of small semi-automatic filling and closing machines right through to fully automatic, high speed processing lines. Groninger combine state-of-the-art technology and reliable service.

Groninger offer machines for:

  • filling
  • filling and closing
  • sealing
  • handling
Linear Packing and filling line for fragrance
Groninger’s filling and closing equipment solutions focus on four different categories:

• Fragrances
• Colour cosmetics
• Skin care
• Hair care

From  stand-alone machinery to turnkey-solutions, the machines are application-oriented and are often also customised. Often included are integrated case packers, sleeving machines or other similar machines.

The machine range for filling & closing is from 0.15 to 1000 ml, with an output from 50 units/minute up to 180 units/minute.

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Cosmetics produced on Groninger filling and closing machines
Groninger fully automatic filling machine