Machine Retrofits, Refurbishments, Rebuilds and Upgrades

We offer Packaging Machine Refurbishments, Rebuilds and Upgrades 

Reduce high maintenance costs and mechanical failures now! Reitech helps you to extend the life of your packaging machines by rebuilding, refurbishing, retrofitting or upgrading your machines. Replacing old machinery with a new one is not the only way.


A typical reason for recommending a retrofit is high maintenance costs. When machinery is worn out, broken or has corroded parts, it becomes the perfect candidate for a retrofit. This means fixing the mechanical failures and replacing the broken parts. Machine retrofitting is an affordable and effective way of reducing costs for the future.


Machine upgrades help to improve the production processes and tackle insufficient production capacity. Our trained and qualified service technicians can provide expert advice on electrical machine upgrades or programming updates that will maintain and increase your production demands. In addition to new-manufactured models, also machines already installed at customers’ facilities can be equipped with latest technologies and applications through a set of upgrade solutions implemented by our qualified service engineers; that option allows to progressively enhance the machine’s efficiency and flexibility all along their life cycle.

Whatever suits your needs: higher efficiency, cost reduction, energy saving, new processes, format changeovers; we offer the best machine upgrading solutions for you.

Refurbishments and Reconditioning

Reitech will determine if a machine refurbishment or reconditioning is the most appropriate solution before the highest level of endeavor to return the machine to like-new condition in performance and appearance is necessary.

Overhauls and Rebuilds

We can rebuild a wide variety of equipment from processing to packaging machines for the food and pharma industry. The machine will be completely disassembled in the process of rebuilding.  All mechanical parts will be sandblasted and painted. Every component will be inspected and all damaged or faulty ones will be replaced or repaired. If required we design and manufacture new size-change parts as well as new style-change parts. The reassembly will be undertaken by skilled, experienced technicians. Further steps include a new electrical wiring, new electrical panel and components. The machine will be set-up and test-run using client’s products and wrapping materials. Reitech will supply machine operator manuals and electrical wiring diagrams.

Advantages to retrofits, upgrades, refurbishments and rebuilds

  • Removing bottlenecks
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Reducing downtime
  • Increasing capacity
  • Increasing mixing speeds
  • Shortening mixing times
  • Upgrading to meet latest industry standards
  • Removing dead space in the mixer
  • Converting to food grade specification
  • Converting to CIP cleaning

Reitech provides high-quality products and spare parts, expert design and engineering as well as many years of experience. We help you to extend the life of your packaging machines

After 25 years of service this machine required a partial overhaul.