HDG Pouch Filling Machines

Pouch packaging machines for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
HDG packaging lines are compact, horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines for sealed rim pouches. The product range includes different types of pouch packaging machines, which are best suited for packaging all HDG pouch types with various products. From stand-up pouches in Doypack style to 3-side and 4-side sealed pouches, HDG provides a comprehensive range of pouch packaging. HDG machines can use preformed pouches or produce pouches in-line. Equipped with an automatic film-reel splicer (splicing film automatically, joining the start of a new roll of film to the end of an expiring roll) the in-line pouch forming increases packaging efficiency. The film preparation is carried out while the machine is still running, with no interruption to the packaging process and no machine downtime.


HDG pouches meet the demands and requirements of the key markets; such as food, pet food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics. Therefore, within the range of pouch types, a broad spectrum of products, including powders, granules, piece goods, pastes, creams or liquids can be packed safely and reliably.

Pouch types and options

To meet individual requirements, HDG also offers various additional options for your pouches, for example: Euro-hole and easy opening, practical re-sealable systems such as: zipper, memory strip or spout, which can be integrated on HDG packaging lines. Pouches manufactured on HDG machines not only provide optimum protection for different foodstuffs, but also draw consumer attention at the point of sale through a high level of user-friendliness and an attractive design.

HDG Pouch Packaging Machines
HDG Pouch Packaging Machines

Pouch packaging machine with a rotary table system for side sealed pouches

The HDG RB series are compact, horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines with a rotary table system for side sealed pouches. These pouch packaging machines are ideal for filling all HDG pouches types with the most varied of products and are available in different capacity levels and in stainless steel. This means that up to 400 pouches per minute and a format range of 40 x 40 mm to 400 x 400 mm can be realized, depending on the model selected. The HDG RB pouch filling and sealing machines enable high capacity and maximum flexibility with regard to different formats, pouch shapes and products.

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HDG RB-300 Pouch Packaging Machine

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