Cremer product counting machines

Pharmaceutical and confectionery automatic counting system

Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V. is a Dutch company that specialises in automatic product counting machines for the pharmaceutical industry and all kinds of food and non-food industries across the world. With almost 70 years of experience and expertise Cremer has become the leading manufacturer of both standard as well as fully customised product counting systems. Cremer is a 100% Uhlmann-owned Company.

Why automatic counting machines?

Automatic product counting can be seen as an alternative to weighing or volumetric dosing.

  • Frequent product changeovers: When the products to be packed are changed frequently then counting is preferred. Cremer counters are able to detect any product individually regardless of its weight or shape.
  • High speed Counting is also preferred when a small number of products are required to be packed at high speed.
  • Mix of products: For packages that require a guaranteed number of assorted products.

Automatic counting machines for tablets and capsules

All pharmaceutical counting machines are constructed from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials and designed according to CE and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines with 100% counting accuracy. 


Tablet and capsules counting machine

Contained Counting machine

Cremer in cooperation with Uhlmann build an enclosed machine for contained pharmaceutical counting. Within this enclosure there is guarded under-pressure to prevent any dust to enter into the surrounding.

Confectionery counting system

Cremer has also supplied many automatic counting machines in the confectionery industries. From simple single flavor applications up to complex multi flavor mix lines. The range of products includes flow-wrapped products, twist-wrapped products, packaged toffee, nougat, twist foil and flow-wrapped chocolates, lollipops, chewing gum, mints and sweets.

Contained Counting Machine

Applications for automatic counting machines

Cremer automatic product counting systems can be used for the following different applications:

  • Agricultural product counting
  • Pharmaceutical product counting
  • Confectionery product counting
  • Snack food product counting
  • Bakery and frozen foods product counting
  • Detergents product counting
  • Hardware and medical product counting
  • Other applications
tablet counting machines
confectionery counting
agricultural product counting
small snack product counting
Regardless of the size and shape or field of applications, Cremer always ensures an appropriate automatic counting solution. The range of equipment stretches from standard counting machines for the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and non-food industry up to turnkey projects according to customer specifications and requirements.

Click here for more details: Cremer Linear Tablet Counters Technical Data PDF

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