Case Erecting, Packing and Sealing

REITECH SA is well equipped to supply both individual packaging machines and turnkey end-of-line solutions.

We partner with leading European equipment manufacturers to offer:

  • Carton formers
  • Tray and crate erectors
  • Case erecting and sealing equipment (tape-sealing or hot melt sealing)
  • Case packing equipment, e.g.
  • Side-load case packers
  • Top-loaders
  • Pick & Place handling modules
  • Wrap-around/tray packers
  • Highly flexible packers
  • Top carton sleevers


Example 1: Multifunctional case packer for a variety of case formats.
Case sealing can be done using adhesive tape, hot glue or a combination of both; sealing of only one side is also possible.

Example 2: Modular case packer for a variety of products, case formats and case types, i.e. trays with/without lid, wrap-around
or a combination of both.