This year marks the 55th anniversary of Reitech SA, a customer-focused solutions provider of machines and systems engineering primarily for the FMCG and pharmaceutical markets. While Reitech SA is fully focused on continuing to evolve as a strong market competitor, it’s worth a glimpse back in time to see where it all began.

In 1963, Hauni South Manufacturing was established by Dr Kurt A. Koerber as the second overseas subsidiary of Hauni Werke, a leading German equipment manufacturer. He appointed a young engineer, Franz Conrad Reiss, to oversee the company and for the next 32 years Hauni South Manufacturing expanded its manufacturing facilities while undertaking major expansions and production modifications for customers in the tobacco industry.

In 1995, Franz Reiss took ownership of Hauni South Manufacturing and renamed the company Reiss Technology, better known as Reitech SA.

In 1996, Reitech SA integrated into the South African Picardi Group where Franz Reiss served as the company’s chairman on the board of directors until his death in January 2012.

Today, Reitech SA’s focus is on its exclusive agency business, representing leading European engineering companies that manufacture equipment for the dairy and food, wine, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Reitech SA is an exclusive supplier of packaging machinery from OEMs that include IMA Dairy & Food, IMA Coffee, HDG, Merz Verpackungsmaschinen, PJ Prause Durotec and Perrier (food and beverage packaging); Fette, Glatt Uhlmann, Harro Hoefliger and Cremer (pharmaceutical packaging); groninger (cosmetics and healthcare packaging); and end-of-line packaging machines from Tecma Aries, Langhammer and A&F.

‘We believe that the technical services we offer are equally as important as selling machinery,’ maintains Olaf Socher, Reitech SA’s sales manager. ‘Our dedicated technical team receives training abroad with our principals, which enables them to offer skilled support and maintenance to our customers,’ he adds. Reitech SA’s service offering is extensive, encompassing factory planning and layout, project engineering, machine rebuilds, plant relocation, site evaluations, the status analysis of equipment and processes, and assisting with the implementation of improvements. Key functions include feeding and dosing, lifting, weighing, cutting, dividing and end-of-line, which includes storing, carton filling, palletising and transporting. Added to this, Reitech SA also undertakes trial installations and assists customers throughout the purchasing and commissioning process.

‘Our aim is to ensure that our equipment performs to customers’ expectations, which requires support beyond the delivery of our machines. Reitech SA’s after sales services include machine inspection and upgrades, a spare parts service, operations and maintenance training, maintenance and service agreements, and machine repairs and general overhauls,’ Olaf notes.

‘We believe that age symbolises consistency and longevity. With 55 years’ experience supplying and servicing world-class packaging machines, we’re able to increase overall equipment effectiveness and therefore higher output rates and better product quality. This results in a faster return on investment for our customers,’ Olaf concludes.