On 5th August 2023, REITECH SA will be celebrating its 60th anniversary!

In the corporate world, age often symbolizes consistency and longevity; the name REITECH SA has matured over a period of 60 years, and we plan to remain a market participant for many years to come.

How it all began

Originally known as Hauni South Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, REITECH SA, was established in 1963 by Dr. Kurt A. Koerber as the second overseas subsidiary of Hauni Werke, a leading German equipment manufacturer.

60 years of experience

For the 60 years following, REITECH SA has maintained the highest South African and German engineering quality standards, which enabled the company to build more than a thousand machines and deliver these throughout Africa, as well as deliveries as far-reaching as Europe, Asia, and North America.

Bright future ahead

Today, Reitech’s focus is on the packaging industry, to supply machinery to process and/or pack food and pharmaceutical products.

With partners who are worldwide leaders in their fields, such as IMA Dairy & Food (Erca, Hassia, Hamba, Gasti, Benhil, Corazza), Excellence United (Uhlmann, Fette, Glatt, Cremer), Groninger, The Packaging Group (HDG, Wolf, FAWEMA) and Behn + Bates, Reitech SA is a leading machine supplier in South Africa. This applies to food applications in the yoghurt, margarine and sugar industries. The pharma industry is the second focus area benefiting from the long-term relationships that Reitech SA had established with leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturer).

Reitech SA’s vision is to take its contribution to the industry to the next phase. This can only be attained through continuing on a path where quality products are delivered to customers who are serious about optimum performance and long-term benefits based on machines developed through exceptional engineering.

We thank you for your contribution to six decades of growth and success.

Here’s to another 60 years!