We were approached by Prestige Academy to support them in their fund raising  for their Children’s Fun Day on 2nd November 2013.

In addition to our support, Kimberly-Clark very generously donated Huggies diapers, femcare products and the much loved Baby Soft plush puppies which greatly appealed to all ages.  Fair Cape Dairies kindly donated yoghurt cups for over 80 children which was enjoyed outdoors on the warm, sunny day.

The REITECH SA van was stuffed to the brim with products donated by Kimberly-Clark and Fair Cape Dairies and when our driver delivered to Prestige Academy, he was met with much delight by the organisers of the Children’s Fun Day, especially when they saw the Baby Soft puppies.

In their letter of thanks, Prestige Academy wrote “thank you for your generous contribution towards making our Children’s Fun Day on Saturday the 2nd of November such a success. It truly was a memorable occasion, especially for these children for whom fun is not a daily experience.  In order to stage an event like this it takes a lot of preparation, planning AND material support. The Growing Love Outreach team of Prestige Academy could not have done this successfully without your support.”

In turn, REITECH SA sincerely thank Kimberly-Clark and Fair Cape Dairies for their kind support.