P.J. Prause Durotec

The range of products comprises all configurations of flat leaf-springs, based on E-glass, S-glass and carbon fibres, as a matrix combined with epoxy resins. The ud-prepregnated (ud = unidirectional) base materials conform to aviation and military standards. Leaf-springs from Prause Durotec are distributed under the registered product name of S-Ply®.

Ready for installation GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastics) leaf springs, CRP (carbon reinforced plastics) leaf springs as well as distance plates and glued assemblies are fabricated using optimum production methods. The size, shape and also mechanical properties of S-Ply® leaf springs are adapted to suit customers’ needs.

Prause Durotec´s service includes:

– Short delivery times

– Minimum order quantity of 1

– Engineering consultancy and constructional spring calculations