Technical Services

Technical Services, Spare Parts and Maintenance

At REITECH SA we view technical services and support as activities that help you maximise what you get out of your machinery. It is easy to buy equipment, let the installer supply and run it, and get good results. It is a different challenge altogether to get such good performance out of your equipment day in and night out, during weekends, periods of severe production pressure, changes in packaging material, product ambient conditions and fluctuations in power supply and services. We believe that it is through our services that you will really get maximum value out of the relationship with REITECH SA.

Meet the Technical Service Team

Kim van Niekerk
Technical Sales & Spare Parts
Spare parts, technical services, engineering projects & machinery enquiries. Mobile: 082 958 6913
Lance Hendricks
Mechanical Technician
Machine inspection, servicing, commissioning and support. Specialised training: Glatt QASV valve inspections Office: 021 709 8140
John Clark
Electrical Technician
Electrical installation, commissioning and servicing. Specialised training: Uhlmann Blister and cartoning machines & Fette compacting presses Office: 021 709 8140

For REITECH SA technical services are considered so important that we made these a separate responsibility with a dedicated technical team. Our technicians have received certified training overseas with our machine suppliers enabling them to offer full support and maintenance to our customers.

We offer the following technical services: