Pharmaceutical Product Serialization & Traceability

Serialization & Traceability for Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices

In the Pharmaceutical Industry the global drive towards Product Serialization & Traceability is now evident. Worldwide regulations are being implemented and most of the key markets have already developed serialization protocols and begun implementing these to safeguard local drug supply chains.


Although it is not yet a legislative requirement in South Africa, serialization is becoming an increasingly important instrument of effective product identification and traceability, especially as falsifications have become super sophisticated.


Item-Level Serialization

The requirement for item-level serialization will enable the verification of the authenticity of each pharmaceutical product and ensure that it can be checked anywhere in the supply chain.  Through this technology individual packs/boxes of medicines are marked with a unique, machine-readable identifier (e.g. a 2‑D code) that will provide traceability from point of sale throughout the manufacturing chain.  It would even be possible to implement the system for identification of e.g. individual blister pockets.


Track & Trace Technology by Uhlmann

The far-reaching Track & Trace experience and expertise of Uhlmann Pac Systeme enable the company to offer the capability and equipment worldwide.  In Southern Africa Reitech SA as their Agent join forces with Uhlmann to offer the Track & Trace technology to all pharmaceutical producers and manufacturers of medical devices. The sophisticated Uhlmann technology and equipment meet all serialization and aggregation requirements in compliance with every specification and standard worldwide.

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