Merz Stick Pack Packaging Machines

Forming, Filling and Sealing Machines for Stick Packs

Merz stick pack packaging machines has been developing stick pack machines for more than 40 years. The stick pack machines are fully automated for the production of all stick packs sizes and designs, including longitudinal seal set to side or three-side sealed bags.

Stick pack machines for all types of stick packs

Stick packs provide a convenient, portable, single-serve, on-the-go packaging. Travel-friendly stick packs are perfect for drink mixes, sweeteners, vitamins & nutritionals or pharmaceutical powders, with Merz stick pack machines you can reliably package it all. Configurations can be customized to meet diverse requirements in size, fill volume and various handling specifications.

Due to less material and reduced volume sticks packs are a more sustainable packaging solution. High production with really low maintenance is your outcome whilst your customers enjoy the easy opening and accurate dosage of a stick pack.

Stick Packs Product Range

Stick packs range of products

  • Liquids from 0,5-100ml
  • Creams from 0,5-100ml
  • Powder from 0,2-100ml
  • Granules from 0,2-100ml
  • Small Piece Goods

Stick packaging machine range of application

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Tobacco

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