IMA coffee packaging machines

Manufacturer of coffee processing and coffee packaging machines

IMA Coffee manufactures coffee processing and packaging machines that cater to coffee companies of all sizes, from micro roasters to the biggest players. IMA Coffee can provide a turn-key line for all your coffee processing needs, from coffee roasting machines to coffee filling machines and final packaging machines.

Entry-level capsule filling and packaging machine for low production volume

With single serve coffee driving growth right across the industry, and the demand of consumers in developed markets being driven more and more by quality over quantity, GIMA has developed a capsule filling and packaging line in cooperation with its sister company Mapster for small production volume to start your coffee capsule production. Mapster is able to offer the full range of coffee packaging equipment with the best integrated solutions especially for smaller roasters and micro roasters.

Technical Features of the Mapster MCA-1 capsule filling machine

  • Output: up to 70 pieces/minute
  • Machine weight: 1800kg
  • Filling accuracy: +/- 0.2gr
  • Pneumatic supply: 7 bar
  • Installed power: 10Kw
  • Material reel diameter: 400mm max.
  • Material reel with: 60mm max.

Download the data sheet here

Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine for medium production volumes

GIMA has developed its 590 machine especially for mid-sized roasters with a medium production. The GIMA 590 is high speed capsule filling and sealing machine designed to handle an extensive range of products, from tea to coffee and soluble powders. GIMA 590 is the only capsule filling and sealing machine on the market which can be purchased at 100 capsules per minute and then, if required, increased to 200 capsules per minute on your factory floor. Versatile thanks to its modular concept, and with a self-adjusting dosing unit for constant accuracy, the space-saving, cube-shaped rotary machine also features an easy-to-clean pull-out operating system.

Technical Features of the GIMA 590 capsule filling machine

  • Output: up to 100-200 pieces/minute
  • Filling accuracy: +/- 0.2gr
  • Machine weight: 3000kg
  • Nitrogen consumption: 30m3 / h
  • Pneumatic supply: 6 bar
  • Installed power: 14Kw
  • Filter paper reel: max outer diameter 500mm
  • Lid material reel: inner diameter 76mm

Download the date sheet here

Coffee roasting machines and coffee processing plants

In cooperation with our partner Petroncini we are able to design, manufacture and install complete roasting coffee plants according to your needs.  Petroncini provides machines with capabilities to roast from 2 kg/h up to 3.5 tons/h, for any kind of coffee brewing style (from espresso to drip, and from instant to turkish coffee), thereby providing superior expertise in feeding solutions for capsule and pod packaging lines.

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