groninger Consumer Healthcare - Filling Machines for consumer healthcare products

Filling machines for OTC liquid medicines including syrups, drops, sprays, creams and gels

Filling and closing machines for OTC liquid products, diagnostic products and health supplements

groninger consumer healthcare filling machines process non-prescription medicine, oral products to strengthen immune defenses, cold products, hygiene articles, e.g. oral hygiene, health supplements, diagnostic and skin and hair care products.

groninger consumer healthcare offers a variety of filling machines including compact filling and closing machines for lower outputs, fully automated medium output filling and closing machines and fully flexible systems for high output.

Compact filling and closing systems for lower outputs

The highly compact and flexible MFCS 201 R  machine is ideal for the reliable processing of glass and plastic bottles. Customized to your requirements, a wide variety of machine functions can be added, including pre- and post- gassing, filling, dropper and spray pump insertion, crimping, pre- and post-screwing.

  • Machine functions: pre- and post-gassing, filling and dropper insertion, spray pump insertion, crimping, pre- and post-screwing
  • Camera inspection system
  • Base labeling
  • CIP system for cleaning the filling system

The MFCS 201 LRH is a compact filling and closing machine for the reliable processing of consumer healthcare products like syrups, drops, sprays, creams and gels in glass and plastic bottles. High production flexibility can be achieved with the mass flow filling system, which covers a wide filling range. High system flexibility is additionally enhanced by the straightforward changing of size parts. After the SMED principle size parts are changed quickly and easily without any tools.

  • Servo-controlled in-line item movement guarantees spill-free passage through the machine
  • PDA with batch log
  • ATEX equipment
  • Wrap-around labeler with thermal transfer printing system

Processing consumer healthcare products: Fully automated filling and closing systems for medium output

The MFCS 202 QL machine design offers a production output of 60 to 120 containers per minute. All glass and/or plastic items are reliably conveyed through the system, filled and closed.

  • Processing of a wide variety of closing components like spray and crimping pumps, screw caps, brushes, ball fitments\
  • Reliable push transfer into the servo-controlled cam chain
  • Highly flexible closing: lid application, pre- and post-screwing,closing, pre- and post-crimping

Processing consumer healthcare products: Highly flexible filling and closing systems for medium to high output

A further machine concept , the DFK/KVK system achieves an output of 60 to 200 items per minute. This highly flexible system conveys, fills and closes mainly stable and round items with droppers, screw caps, pumps and measuring caps.

  • Up to three different stages such as ionizing, blowing out/suction and filling can be combined here
  • Thanks to in-process control up to two stages such as pre-gassing and filling are possible
  • Maximum transparency due to linear arrangement of all work stations
  • LF-optimized compliant design
  • CIP/SIP cleaning system
  • Needle and bottle neck centering

The new groninger high speed filling and closing machine concept features several innovations for enhanced safety and efficiency in the processing of consumer healthcare products.

  • Drive and work areas are rigorously separated in the interest of optimum product safety
  • In-process control (IPC) guarantees high filling precision
  • The entire segment transport system can be easily removed from the machine without tools and disassembled within 15 minutes
  • Freely suspended in the laminar flow (LF), items are reliably conveyed through the machine without touching each other


For more details download the technical data PDF here

FlexCare 100 – Fully automatic filling and closing machine for syrups in glass and plastic bottles

The streamlined LF-friendly machine design consistently complies with GMP requirements, enhanced by optimum accessibility and ease of cleaning. The FlexCare 100 – based on the Ready Engineered philosophy of the groninger Business Line – reaches a production capacity of 60 to 120 containers per minute depending on the diameter of the containers. In the wide range of possible formats, it is possible to process three types of closures at the same time, e.g. spray and crimp pumps, screw caps and many more.

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